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  Bangaram Island Resorts  
Legends are made of these. And it's not just how blue meets blue of sea and sky. Or the way sunsets melt into the night. These Indian Ocean Islands are well steeped in Ancient Tales, where the unexplored whisper for discovery. Pure white beaches, dense palm groves, thirty six islands of pure paradise each with its own story to tell. Loose yourself in this paradise - and write your own chapter to the tale.
From all the 36 islands, Bangaram is the most beautiful. It is everything you imagine a tropical island to be and from the moment you set foot on the blinding, soft, white sand you'll be totally enraptured by the exotic natural beauty of what can only be described as one of the most exclusive tropical islands in the world. 

Everything about the island is natural and simple. It is quite a small island you can walk around it in an hour or so. surronded by superb, soft, silvery sands with an interior of lush green coconut groves, it portrays an image of pure ecstasy. Surrounding the island is a coral reef, which forms a large sheltered lagoon, the most incredible shade of luminous turquoise, which also encloses three small uninhabited islands. 

Sixty Square Kilometers of pristine lagoon, two uninhabited islands five minutes away and a shipwreck just outside the reef where you can see the most colorful fish, make the resort an exclusive place to be. No wonder, it was one of the most favorite places of Rajeev Gandhi, who took his yearly sabbatical here, while he was the Prime Minister of the country. 

The cottages are nice and spacious, perfectly in sync with the nature. You can sample the best seafood and you would have plenty to do, if you like to jump into water or bask under the sun. 

Bangaram is one of the finest locations for SCUBA diving and Snorkelling in the world, the diving school is run by Prahlad Kakkar, the well known Advertising Film Maker who would like to give up his career if he could make enough money teaching you diving! 

The Resort is made of 30 simple huts, mostly built in blocks of four. All the rooms are comfortably furnished with cane furniture, twin beds, ceiling fan, stocked fridge and private shower (cold water only). The deluxe huts have two bed rooms with attached bathrooms and separate living room. All these are spread across in 128 acres of land. 

Bangaram as opposed to other resorts, provides a uniquely different experience. We have not built a "Resort" in its normally understood sense. No artificial swimming pool but we have a crystal clear lagoon, which we boast to be the world's largest pool. There is a dining hut by the beach where all meals are buffet style. The food normally is a mixture of local and continental with fresh fish and tropical fruits. The beach bar is a popular meeting place and a perfect place to enjoy that pre - dinner drink. Hammocks suspended from the palm trees around the hotel is the ideal place to have a little siesta. But you really mustn't miss the most wonderful sight of all, the enthralling creatures below the sea. It is really a drivers paradise with the myriad of tropical fish, turtles and dolphins. not to mention a ship wreck or two! Regular snorkeling trips and scuba diving are available as well as fishing trips. A dinning hut that serves ethnic and continental cuisine. Barbecues at night. The resort also offers diving courses for beginners. 
Reservations - travelplan@asianetindia.com
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