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Marari finds its roots in "Mararikulam," one of the local fishing villages where time seems to have stood still, resembling life a century ago. Here, the men continue their daily ritual of venturing out to sea to make a living by bringing in the day's catch. Marari, a destination relatively unknown to holidaymakers, offers endless stretches of pristine sandy beaches framed by swaying palm trees. It's an untouched paradise where you can immerse yourself in the local culture and experience the genuine warmth of Kerala's hospitality.

However, you need not confine your entire vacation to seclusion. Marari Beach Resort is strategically located for exploring the enchanting backwaters, a place where tranquility, breathtaking scenery, and a sense of stepping back in time combine to offer a remarkably soothing and inspiring experience. For those seeking a livelier day, a visit to Cochin is a must. As one of the key trading hubs on the "Spice Coast," it's an ideal place for shopping, and you might stumble upon a genuine antique in one of the many shops in Jew Town.

After an active day of exploring or shopping, return to Marari Beach resort, where you can simply unwind, watch the sun dip below the horizon, and prepare for a leisurely dinner at the resort. Following dinner, you can engage in meaningful conversations with fellow beach vacationers, enjoy a relaxing drink at the bar, or cherish a quiet moment on your veranda, reflecting on the day's adventures. Until now, Marari has been India's best-kept secret, but we have a hunch that its hidden charm won't remain a secret for much longer. So, seize the opportunity to visit now and be among the first to uncover the wonders of undiscovered Kerala!


About The Marari Beach Resort:

Nestled in a magnificent location sprawling across 25 acres of coconut palm groves, leading to an expansive beachfront, the Marari Beach Resort is a brand-new hotel designed to emulate the traditional fishing village style. The spacious 400 sq. ft. villas are all air-conditioned and equipped with twin or double beds, a minibar, coffee-making facilities, and a charmingly furnished veranda with a ceiling fan. The bathrooms are spacious and modern, constructed in traditional Kerala fashion, featuring an open-air courtyard adorned with a banana or papaya tree. Each villa also boasts a small private garden area. The deluxe villas, which offer the same amenities plus a separate sitting area for accommodating two additional guests, are set within their own grounds and come with a private swimming pool.

The resort features a large swimming pool with a sun terrace near the main buffet restaurant, a bar, and an amphitheater where cultural performances take place. The "beach shack" nestled among the coconut palms by the beach serves delectable seafood dishes. The resort is also home to an Ayurveda Centre led by a resident Ayurveda Doctor and a team of dedicated male and female masseurs and therapists. Throughout the groves, you'll find beach cots and cozy hammocks for relaxation. The beach volleyball "court" offers a fun space for friendly matches, and for the more adventurous, bicycles are available at the reception to explore the surroundings. At the newest addition to the Casion Group of Hotels, you can expect the highest standard of facilities and services, making it an excellent choice for discerning travelers seeking something unique in a natural and exotic setting.

The Healing Touch at Marari Beach Resort's Ayurvedic Centre:

Ayurveda, often referred to as the Science of Life, has roots almost as ancient as Indian civilization itself. It is renowned for its holistic approach, the effectiveness of its therapies, and its lack of adverse side effects. Worldwide, there is growing awareness of the benefits of natural health systems. In Ayurveda, health represents the harmony of body, mind, and soul, and its remedies are derived from nature's own pharmacopeia. These diagnostic and curative tools have been passed down through generations from its great masters. Ayurveda is based on natural principles that guide and animate human life.

The Marari Beach Resort offers a range of therapies at its Ayurvedic Centre, overseen by an expert "vaidyan" (physician) who can provide in-depth insights into symptoms and suitable treatments. The center is well-equipped with a dispensary and a qualified resident staff, ensuring your well-being is in capable hands.



  Location : 90 kms from Cochin International Airport
60 kms from Cochin City
15 kms from Coconut Lagoon
14 kms from Alleppey
165 kms from Trivandrum
  Climate : Min 28 C , Max 33 C  
  Best Season : October to May  
  Accommodation : 52 villas  
  Cusine :
Ethnic and international (buffet)
  Things to Do : Ayurvedic Massage, yoga and meditation, swimming  
  CONTACT : email :  
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