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A 70-year-old traditional home is Visalam in Chettinad, Tamil Nadu. Like the land in which it is located, namely Kanadukathan or the one who protects the environment, Visalam today protects Chettinad’s rich culture and tradition, its architecture and music, its cuisine and way of life. Built by a father for his daughter, Visalakshi, the home is in many ways, living, breathing history, keeping alive the ethos of a rich culture, as it existed 70 years ago. While its spaciousness is a reminder of the celebrated Chettinad hospitality – where even a casual caller to the home was welcomed with open arms and served food – the high ceilings and the open-to-sky courtyards are a tribute to the craftsmanship of yore as well as a study in how human dwellings can be in harmony with nature. All of which make Visalam a journey, which, like a typical Chettinad home, leads one inward, to touch the core, the heart of the land.
Accommodation: 15 Standard rooms of quiet elegance, of which six are twin rooms. All rooms air-conditioned and 400 to 600 sq.ft in area.

Dining: Authentic Chettinad cuisine prepared by expert chefs. Interactive kitchen that allows visitors to try their hand at cooking. Three dining areas - one each for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The famed Chettinad cuisine.

Facilities: Swimming pool

Things to do: Experience the Chettiar lifestyle. Excursions of the temples and artisans workshops. Tour to the Chettinad Heritage zone, Athangudi tile units, ‘Vara-Santhai’ (weekly markets).

Getting here: 80 km from Trichy airport and 90 km from Madurai airport.

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