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Brunton Boatyard
Brunton Boatyard
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The Brunton Boatyard, Cochin

ommissioned on the 18th of August, 1999 , is a great tribute to the city of Cochin. Designed and built in the style and principle of the early Dutch and Portugese architecture of Fort Cochin blends very well into the Cochin skyline. It's hard to believe that the Brunton is a new building since it resembles the old colonial buildings of Cochin. The simple lime washed walls, sloping tile roof and terra-cotta floors witht eht Gaint Rain Tree completing the picture.

Situated at the Harbour mouth overlooking the busy ship channel all rooms boast of a magnificient view of the sea and the Delta. There is never a dull moment out there for boats of every size and color constantly ply these waters not forgetting the mammoth Ocean liners which silently glide past just outside the window. The rooms too are quite quaint and designed in keeping with the rest of the hotel. The eye catching antique " Four Poster " is the center of attraction in the rooms and suites. We have even provided little foot stools to help you climb into bed. The spacious ensuite bathrooms are a luxury with a separate shower cubicle

The History Restaurant is a unique gastronomic exploration of Kerala's famous port and its rich past. Fort Cochin, has attracted seafaring traders for over six-centuries. The allure of black pepper, ginger and cardamom has drawn many traders to Kerala's fertile coast and as the Arabs, Portugese, Dutch and finally the British competed to control the spice trade they made their mark on the local culture. Another reason outsiders made their way to Cochin was Kerala's reputation for religious tolerance.

The Terrace Grill

The Terrace Grill adjacent to the History restaurant opens for Dinner. Choice selection of the " Day's Catch" fresh from the Chinese fishing nets and the fishing boats that constantly pass by the hotel will be grilled to perfection, just the way you like. Overlooking the busy ferry terminal and the bazaar down below, perfect place to watch the life of a city while enjoying a delicious sea food dinner.The collection of dishes is the result of the tireless efforts of our Chef's who convinced the descendents of some of fort Cochin's oldest families to share their prized recipes, we hope it is the most delicious history lesson you ever have.
Getting here:

50 km from Cochin International Airport
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