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CGH Earth is a five-decade long experiment in hospitality. CGH properties are mirrors held up to the environments and communities they are born from. Nothing has been added that does not already belong. Because nothing more was necessary. The result, we like to believe, are experiences as immersive as they are authentic.


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CGH Earth Hotels and Resorts, Kerala, India.

CGH Earth (Casino Group of Hotels) is a renowned hotel and resort chain in Kerala, India, known for its distinctive and eco-friendly approach to hospitality. The unique features of CGH Earth Hotels in Kerala include:

Eco-friendly Practices: CGH Earth Hotels is committed to sustainable and eco-friendly practices. Their hotels are often designed and operated with minimal environmental impact, using renewable energy sources, waste reduction, and water conservation techniques.

Heritage and Cultural Experiences: Many CGH Earth properties are housed in heritage buildings or reflect traditional Kerala architecture. They offer guests a chance to immerse themselves in local culture, history, and traditions.

Ayurveda and Wellness: CGH Earth is a leader in promoting Ayurveda, an ancient Indian holistic healing system. Their resorts often have Ayurvedic centers with experienced practitioners, offering wellness programs and treatments.

Responsible Tourism: The chain actively engages in responsible tourism initiatives, supporting local communities and promoting ethical tourism practices.

Unique Locations: CGH Earth properties are strategically located in some of Kerala's most picturesque and serene settings, whether it's along the coastline, in the backwaters, or amidst lush greenery in the Western Ghats.

Authentic Cuisine: CGH Earth restaurants serve authentic Kerala cuisine, often using locally sourced, organic ingredients to provide guests with a true taste of the region.

Cultural Activities: Guests can participate in various cultural activities and experiences, including traditional dance performances, cooking classes, and more, to gain a deeper understanding of Kerala's culture.

Nature-Focused: Many CGH Earth resorts are situated in natural settings, offering opportunities for nature walks, bird watching, and outdoor adventures like trekking and boating.

Tranquil Atmosphere: CGH Earth hotels are known for their serene and peaceful environments, making them ideal for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Community Engagement: The chain actively involves the local community in its operations, creating a symbiotic relationship that benefits both guests and residents.

Personalized Service: CGH Earth properties are known for their warm and personalized service, ensuring that guests have a memorable and comfortable stay.

Emphasis on Well-being: Apart from Ayurveda, CGH Earth often includes yoga and meditation programs to promote overall well-being among guests.

CGH Earth Hotels in Kerala offer a unique blend of sustainability, cultural immersion, wellness, and natural beauty, providing guests with an authentic and enriching experience during their stay in Kerala.

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